10 Powerful Ways To Conquer Fear
You're not enough. You don't know what you're doing and everyone knows. Do you actually think anyone is taking you seriously? Oh, and don't forget, you can't make money doing what you love. Plus, since you're alone and no one understands what you're going through, asking for help or expressing your feelings would be a waste of time and make you look weak.

That's what your ego tells you when you try to be more, do more. It sounds cruel, but it thinks it's trying to protect us from the unknown. Here's what we need to understand: our ego wants to keep us safe from an unknown future that leaves room for failure. The future is determined by free will, physics, and divine timing. We can't direct it or control it. So, the ego is a survival instinct that developed somewhere in human evolution to protect us from danger. But it is not one that serves our highest good.

The fear at the root of ego-based self-bullying answer is usually one of two things: the fear of being alone or the fear of death. The ego interprets the uncertainty of new possibilities, relationships and growth opportunities as threats to our survival. Anything it can't predict and analyze, beginning to end, is registered as "danger." That's the truth of it.

What I've learned since I discovered that truth is this: I can't fix broken thinking with more thinking. And I can't look to my ego-based mind to resolve the problem it created. Changing the status quo requires us to reprogram our thinking, and sometimes the only way to do that is to act.

You've heard people say things like "Jump and the net will appear," that "everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear," and "when you're most afraid to jump, that's when you need most to do it," but these inspirational quotes don't offer much actual support, do they? There are worlds between the impulse to jump and the leap itself. That's where the magic can happen.

I am a divine agent of light and the universe is always working through me, with me and for me.


You are connected to a higher purpose. The world needs you. People are waiting for your unique offerings, message and magic. You are called to create and share your vision in new ways. That doesn't mean the fear is any less crippling.

Once you become aware that ego-driven narrative is not the only narrative, you're ready to find a better way. so ready to try something new. Here's how to find a story that's that's empowering, expansive and absolutely limitless.

1. Write a gratitude list.

Come up with at least ten things to be grateful for in this exact moment. Write them down. Focus particularly on qualities you embody, experiences, and feelings—not just material things. Soak in the feeling generated by this simple action. You'll find that gratitude is a shortcut out of fear and into faith. It works almost instantly to change your energy and outlook.

2. Create positive affirmations.

Raise your vibration with positive declarations affirming all that you are and all that you aim to call in. An example of a powerful affirmation to support a state of abundance, faith and co-creation with the universe might be: I am a divine agent of light and the universe is always working through me, with me and for me. Come up with a few that make you feel empowered, inspired and energized. Repeat them out loud, consciously reminding yourself of all the wonderful qualities within you. These are even more powerful when shared with others.

3. Get vulnerable.

What's really really on your heart? Share it with your friends, family or even on larger social platforms in a vulnerable, authentic way. What are you feeling? What are you learning? Hearing how others relate to you is healing, and detaches you from the ego, providing acknowledgement, love and connection. We are never alone.

4. Find ways to be of service.

Who can you help? Where can you make an impact? What do you have to offer? How can you change someone's life or even just their day? How can you give freely of yourself help someone else overcome an obstacle? Nothing is more fulfilling than ignoring your own needs to focus on someone else's. There's no space for fear, self-deprecation, or playing small when you're completely focused on service and connection to others.

5. Ask for help.

How can you develop your support system? New mentors? New teachers? How can you invest in yourself to step into the new version of you that's desperately needed? Rest assured, none of us is meant to wrestle with fear and ego alone. Big vision requires epic support from people who get it. We need accountability and love and guidance in releasing limiting beliefs and stepping into new paradigms. The future is bright and full of divine collaboration. Identify your team, your tribe, your soul family, your guides and love them up.

6. Get moving.

Get dancing. Stretch. Do yoga. Go for a walk. Do anything to get the stale energy out of your body. Once your heart is pumping and your endorphins are flowing, you'll reconnect to your heart and breath. Find a style of movement that feels good to you, that you look forward to doing, that feels like a celebration. Breath more deeply and maybe even sweat a little for an immediate energy boost that brings with it incredible clarity and connection.

7. Get grounded with food.

Go for grounding, healthy food that makes you feel nourished physically and on the soulfully. Look for the goods with high-energy nutrients. Hint: these types of noms usually come from the ground in vibrant colors. What do you eat if you want to live long and make a wildly expansive, long-lasting impact on the planet? Find your special nourishment and celebrate getting grounded and more connected to your body.

8. Go on a spontaneous adventure.

Just for fun and for the hell of it. Pretend like you're on a date with yourself. Why? Because why not?! Cultivating a loving adventurous relationship with YOU is a surefire way to strengthen your intuition and connection to your truth, making it even more apparent when the ego tries to interrupt with any fear nonsense. Not sure where to start? You can ask yourself, in this moment, what would be the most fun, loving thing I could do? What does my soul yearn to experience? Then do that. For me, the other day, that meant getting a glitter manicure. All days are different.

9. Make art.

Get your creativity flowing. Draw. Write. Paint. Make a sculpture or a necklace. Disconnect from the perceived need to make something purposeful or to be productive in the traditional sense. Consciously connect with creating for the sake of creating. Open up to your vision—allow it to guide you in whatever you heart desires to create. Turn on some inspiring music and connect to truth and beauty. Listen to your heart's deepest tune. Immerse yourself in magic. Ego has no room to play when the color, glitter, and music are turned all the way up.

10. Reflect and celebrate.

Reflect on where you were a year ago. Think about how much has happened and how much you've changed. What about five years ago? What were other times you felt paralyzing fear but took action anyway? Remind yourself that change is truly possible and that everything, especially fear and anxiety, are temporary. Notice the wins, the transformations, the deep shifts. Witness how much you have to celebrate—all the miracles and all the times the universe conspired to bring you blessings.

And just like that, you'll be on your way to shaking off fear and turning your faith up to 11. Say hello to a big, bright future wide open with possibilities and magic.

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